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Libraries, library boards, and library advocacy/support groups everywhere are scrambling to strengthen and diversify their revenues. If fundraising is a priority for your library, you'll want to learn

  • Why people want to give to libraries;
  • Who, what, when, where and why to build a fundraising team - and how much money you'll need to get started;
  • How to build relationships with potential donors;
  • How to generate passive income for your library;
  • How to take advantage of e-philanthropy; and
  • How to feel comfortable asking others for money and other gifts without fear, guilt, or fainting!

This course will explore the fundraising opportunities available to your library organization and help you develop short and long term strategies for taking full advantage of them. You'll learn the steps you need to take to begin creating additional revenues in the next 30 days and for the next 30 years.

Workshop Description:

This fun, all day workshop utilizes individual and group exercises, discussions, lecture and interactive activities to help make your learning stick! The instructor will provide a comprehensive learning guide, real-life fundraising examples and results, a bibliography filled with resources and contact information to help you get started, scrumptious chocolates, and practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Perceptions of Fundraising
    • What is fundraising? Why should libraries do it?
    • The ways California libraries currently raise funds
    • Myths and facts about fundraising
  • The Beginning Stages of Fundraising
    • Making the case for fundraising plans and ambitions
    • Who's on our fundraising team?
    • How much money and time will it take to start?
  • The People Connection: Fundraising is About Relationships
    • What causes people to give something to support your library?
    • What are people giving?
    • Ten rules for becoming an effective fundraiser for your library
  • Setting Your Course of Action
    • Short and long term strategies
    • Fundraising while you sleep
    • E-philanthropy...the future of fundraising

Workshop Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck