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PowerPoint has become the tool of choice for designing, developing and delivering presentations. This powerful application, if used appropriately, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of visually presented information in a variety of settings.

If you already know PowerPoint basics and you're ready to move to the next level, this workshop will help you create more engaging and dynamic presentations by using more advanced PowerPoint features and applying effective presentation design guidelines

Workshop Description: This one-day, hands-on workshop will explore intermediate level PowerPoint skills such as working with templates, using multimedia objects and custom animations, adding interactions, and publishing completed presentations. Workshop participants will receive a full instruction set, tip sheets, and templates so that they can re-create all of the PowerPoint effects presented during the workshop.

Participants are encouraged to bring to class a topic of interest for which they will be developing a presentation.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Applying Effective Presentation Design Guidelines
    • Readability, visual clarity and consistency
  • Getting the Most out of Working with Text and Graphics
    • Advanced text editing techniques
    • Drawing and graphic techniques
  • Working with Templates and Slide Designs
    • New ways of using templates
    • Modifying backgrounds, color schemes, and slide masters
  • Working with Custom Animations and Interactions
    • Animate text and graphics to enhance your presentation
    • Hyperlinks and action buttons
  • Working with Multimedia Objects
    • Sound
    • Video
  • Publishing and Distributing Presentations

Workshop Instructor: Martín Sanabria