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Ensuring that students become lifelong learners is a shared goal of public and school library staff, teachers, school administrators, and families. When public and school libraries move from informal cooperative relationships into formal collaborative partnerships, a powerful and extensive learning environment is formed. Today, as we are all faced with shrinking budgets and staff shortages, it is even more critical for public libraries and schools to join forces through shared expertise, resources, and programs.

In this course participants will learn to:

  • Develop effective techniques of communication to be used between school and public library staff;
  • Identify ways of promoting and publicizing programs and services that mutually benefit public libraries and schools, and the students they serve;
  • Recognize and hone the skills to implement a variety of reading, literature, and literacy programs and services that are conducive to school and public library collaboration; and
  • Utilize homework assistance practices that promote the resources of the school and public library, while supporting the efforts of students and teachers.

Workshop Description: This all day workshop will provide participants with practical information that can be applied now, or incorporated in future collaborative planning. Through discussion and individual/group exercises, participants will explore useful techniques, activities, and resources that bring public libraries and schools together to better serve the needs of our students. Each participant will develop an individualized action plan and will receive a resource list of Web based and print sources, adaptable sample publicity, and programming tip sheets.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Communication: Building Relationships
    • Tips and techniques
    • Meetings and events
    • Publicity and promotion
  • Collections Resources in a Digital Age
    • Online catalogs and databases
    • Resource sharing networks
  • Homework Help
    • Physical and virtual homework assistance
    • Online resources
    • The research process
  • Reading, Literature, and Literacy
    • Reading resources
    • Programs that are ready to go
    • Outreach ideas

Workshop Instructor: Cynthia MacDonald