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Would you like to be able to get the best from everyone you supervise? Are you sometimes unsure about how to keep small issues from becoming serious performance problems? And how do you deal with the serious problems when they do come up? This workshop is designed for any library supervisor who wants to:

  • Give staff the kind of support they need to stay motivated,
  • Coach and communicate with staff effectively every day, and
  • Feel more confident in dealing with common staff performance problems.

At the conclusion of this workshop you will have the skills you need to be a proactive supervisor, and the confidence to handle difficult supervisory situations whenever they arise.

Workshop Description: In this all-day workshop you will explore proven techniques for coaching library staff, diagnosing common performance problems, and helping employees improve their job performance. Working in small groups, you will practice diagnostic and coaching skills, and you will develop a set of best practices for handling the supervisory issues that challenge you most. The instructor will provide sample tools for documenting staff performance, and you will receive practical, useful tips that you can apply immediately in your work.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Supervisory Style and Motivation
    • Where does motivation come from?
    • Situational leadership: matching supervisory style to the employee?s development needs
  • Communication and Coaching for Development
    • Setting the tone and establishing your expectations
    • Formal and informal coaching
    • Using the GROW model to help employees develop
    • How to make time for observation and coaching, and what happens if you can?t
  • Performance Reviews
    • Engaging the employee in self-assessment and reflection
    • Know your environment: legal, union, civil service, local procedures
    • The three realities: yours, theirs, and the actual behavior
    • Documentation
    • Best practices for handling common performance problems
    • Five golden rules
  • Disciplinary Procedures: What to do When Your Best Efforts Don?t Work
    • Typical steps in progressive discipline and how to document them
    • Conducting the disciplinary interview
    • Best practices in handling difficult performance problems
    • Reflecting on the experience so that you can grow from it

Workshop Instructor: Gail Griffith