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Whether they call it "buzz," "viral," or "relationship" marketing, everyone from Advertising Age to The New York Times is talking about word-of-mouth techniques for getting your message across. Audiences are tuning out traditional promotions, and word-of-mouth is replacing marketing "push" with more persuasive "pull."

If you're looking for a smart, ethical, and inexpensive way to:

  • Get people talking about your library in positive terms,
  • Identify and harness social networks that can spread your library's message,
  • Build a community around an existing library service, or
  • Use technology to convey your message,

then this course is for you! Word-of-mouth marketing is a simple technique for spreading the word about any kind of library in all kinds of situations.

Workshop Description: This fun, all-day workshop will help you rethink library marketing and give you the tools to make the most of your most valuable resource—people! During the day you will participate in activities, exercises, and discussions that will culminate in a guided action plan for your library. Your instructor will provide handouts and case studies to get you started in making the most of word-of-mouth marketing.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Marketing Defined—It May Not Be What You Think
    • The marketing mix
    • Old school marketing/neo-marketing
  • What is Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Why Should I Care?
    • Word-of-mouth, viral, and buzz
    • Potential for the exponential
    • When word-of-mouth is not effective
    • Word-of-mouth and special populations
    • The people who make it happen - "influentials"
  • Making the Most of Social Networks
    • Using feedback—even when it hurts
    • Networking in organizations
    • Perfecting your "elevator speech"
  • Electronic Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    • Email
    • Link building
    • Permission marketing
    • Measuring
  • Case Studies - Adapting Successful Word-of-Mouth Techniques in the Library World
  • Action Plan for Your Library's Word-of-Mouth Campaign

Workshop Instructor: Ann Miller