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Change is often necessary but seldom comfortable. Nevertheless, library leaders are expected to be agents of change. In this course you will learn a proven approach to the complex process of leading organizational change, including

  • How to formulate a vision for successful change, anchoring it in your library's culture
  • Techniques for overcoming the many sources of organizational inertia that can stand in the way of change
  • How to build commitment by engaging and involving others in the change process
  • How to motivate the actions needed to alter behavior in a significant way

This course will prepare you to identify, articulate, inspire, and develop necessary changes—and make them "stick" so that your library can move forward.

Workshop Description: This one-day interactive workshop will provide participants with the skills they need to stimulate change in organizations and individuals. Students will learn the dynamics of change and how to apply a proven model of the large-scale change process. Through individual and group exercises, participants will reflect on their own attitudes and approach to change, and will learn how to foster a positive environment for change within their organizations, so that they can continue to develop the best possible services for their users. Participants will also learn and practice skills for guiding others through the change process, identifying specific activities that will ensure successful change implementation. All participants will receive a 5-stage change process model, a bibliography, and information about the "next wave" in organizational development.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Dynamics of Change
    • Types of change: planned, externally imposed, sudden
    • Responses to change
    • Your role as guide
  • Leading Large-Scale Change
    • William Bridges 5-stage change model
    • Creating a vision
    • Anticipating and dealing with resistance
  • Building Commitment
    • Involving and engaging followers
    • Effective communication
  • Transforming Libraries
    • The "best" library organization
    • Systems thinking and organizational development
    • Change and work redesign
    • Preparing for the next wave

Workshop Instructor: Maureen Sullivan