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Being a team leader can be challenging, especially if you are new in the role.

  • Do you believe that your teams could be more productive and efficient?
  • Are you looking for good models of team leadership?
  • Do you want help with communicating more effectively to team members?
  • Are you coping with unwanted team member behaviors and attitudes?

This workshop will help you to lead more productive and efficient teams, even when you do not directly supervise the team members. You will learn how to plan for team activities and keep them on track, as well as how to empower team members to manage themselves and their work more effectively — all without feeling like a babysitter, a caretaker or a dictator!

Workshop Description: This fun and interactive workshop will include both individual and group exercises, a Daily Interactions Assessment, group discussions, and lecture. Attendees will learn and incorporate a model of team development that can be applied immediately in their workplace.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Understanding and Applying the Five Stages of Team Models
    • Diagnosing team functionality and leading members to a higher stage of productivity
    • Recognizing specific team member behaviors for what they really mean
    • Knowing when to take action and when to let the team manage themselves
    • Team myths: Overcoming what other people have told you is the truth
  • Creating A More Collaborative Team, Department, And Workplace
    • Generational differences in work habits and expected outcomes
    • Using collaborative team activities to build team unity
    • Using rewards and recognition to build "we" in a me, me, me workplace
  • Team Leadership And Facilitation Do's and Don'ts
    • Making the connection between leadership and facilitation
    • Proven facilitation techniques to use with positive and negative team member situations
    • Using facilitation to empower team members to take ownership of their decisions
    • Using agendas to create successful meetings before they begin
  • How to Lead from the Heart
    • The importance of team values and how to create them
    • The 3 keys to leading others from your heart for exceptional results
    • Leading team members to accomplish individual, team, and organizational goals
    • Leading in an "employees first" culture
    • How your emotional intelligence helps you to successfully lead others

Workshop Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck