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Property taxes, impact fees, outsourcing: are all these terms familiar but you don't really understand what they mean to your library? Worried you'll confront creating your first library budget and not know where to start? Strategic Financial Thinking provides practical information about public library budgeting, revenue sources, outsourcing proposals, budget cutting, and long term strategies for achieving financial stability.

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop is part of Infopeople's Eureka! Leadership Program. It offers hands-on experience in analyzing a typical public library budget, choosing revenue sources for specific projects, developing responses to outsourcing proposals, making budget cuts for the short and long term, and developing a multi-year library financial strategy. The instructor will provide tips on the politics of budget making and how to advocate for library services, as well as written materials on different budgeting methods and revenue sources.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Elements of a Typical Municipal and Library Budget
    • Looking at the Dry Creek Library budget
    • Identifying program costs
    • Other budgeting methods
  • Revenue Sources for Cities, Counties, and Libraries
    • Property tax, sales tax, impact fees, borrowing money
    • "Let's have a bake sale" - evaluating fundraising proposals
  • Privatization and Contracting Out
    • Techniques for evaluating outsourcing proposals
  • Cutting the Library Budget
    • Can this library be saved?
    • Developing a strategic financial plan for the future

Workshop Instructor: Anne Turner