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Public computers are an important resource for library customers but keeping them up-to-date and running smoothly can be a real chore for staff. Getting each program configured to work seamlessly with the others takes a lot of time. Troubleshooting problems later can be even worse. Locking down the computer so that customers can't break anything often leads to a desktop configuration that is frustrating to users. But there are ways to configure public computers that work for the library and for the library's customers. This class provides some indispensable skills of the trade for configuring public PCs that cannot be broken yet provide wide latitude for customers who wish to use a typical Windows PC as well as their own USB devices for saving and uploading files.

Workshop Description: This is a two-day hands-on workshop sponsored by the Gates Foundation. Through individual and group exercises, students will spend the first day learning to configure a standard Windows computer using the Gates Shared Computer Toolkit and other tools such as WINSelect, Norton, Public Browser, Centurion Guard, and the Windows registry and BIOS. The second day will focus on techniques for saving the configuration so that it can be replicated on other PCs and can be used to restore the system. Each student will receive software for saving desktop images.

Preliminary Course Outline:

Day One

  • Basic Configuration
    • Defining the goals
    • User Profiles
    • Getting the basics installed
      • Microsoft Office
      • Virus Scanner
      • Accessories
    • Getting rid of what we don't need
  • Lockdown Tools and Strategies
    • Microsoft Shared Access PC
    • Public Browser
    • WinSELECT
    • Centurion Guard
    • BIOS Security
    • Useful Registry Edits

Day Two

  • Introduction to hard drive imaging
  • Creating desktop images
    • Basic install
    • Final configuration
  • Saving images to
    • CD
    • The network
    • USB drive
  • How to use the images to solve problems
    • Troubleshooting
    • Restore
  • Image maintenance strategies

Workshop Instructor: Chuck O'Shea