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Over the last nine months, Infopeople has offered a series of workshops designed to encourage the development of leadership within the California library profession. These workshops have focused on specific skills such as team leadership, problem solving and decision making, and stimulating creativity. Many people have taken at least two of these workshops, and we have heard that participants in the program are interested in an opportunity to:

  • Discuss with others what they have learned and how they are using their new skills and insights on the job;
  • Connect or reconnect with others in the Leadership Program to network and develop a cohort for future support and sharing;
  • Explore areas of leadership not covered in the nine Phase 2 workshops;
  • Develop a personal leadership development plan;
  • Learn more about the next phase of the Eureka! Leadership Program and how they can participate.

If you have attended any of the Phase 2 workshops and are interested in further development of your leadership potential, you are invited to attend a free wrap-up session with Infopeople Director Holly Hinman and Training Consultant Cheryl Gould.

Workshop Description: This day-long seminar will provide future library leaders with ample opportunities to discuss and reflect on theoretical and practical aspects of leadership, network with others to develop a leadership cohort, assess individual strengths and opportunities for growth, and plan next steps in leadership development. The day will include group discussions and interactive exercises as well as individual assessment and planning time. The seminar leaders will provide assessment tools, planning templates and sample plans, and information about the next phase of the Eureka! Leadership Program. Participants will have an opportunity to tell Infopeople what they would like to see in the Eureka! Leadership Institute, as well as in the general Infopeople program. Please note: Attendance at this seminar is not a prerequisite for consideration for the Eureka! Leadership Institute.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Eureka! Leadership Program Phase 2: Reflections and Discussion
    • What did you learn?
    • How are you using what you learned?
    • What was missing?
    • What could be changed?
    • Overall conclusions
  • Leadership vs. Management: Discussion
  • Exploring Some Aspects of Leadership Not Covered in Phase 2
    • Risk-taking
    • Trust
    • Responding to new challenges on short notice: the "fire drill" element
  • Self Awareness
    • Assessing your leadership style
      • Strengths
      • Opportunities for growth
    • Leadership development programs, institutes, courses, resources
    • California library leadership opportunities
    • Creating your personal leadership development plan
  • Eureka! Leadership Program Phases 3 and 4
    • Eureka! Leadership Institute
      • Preliminary plans
      • Your ideas and suggestions
    • Projects
    • Application process
  • Concluding Activity: What Does Your Ideal Library Leader Look Like?

Workshop Instructor: Cheryl Gould and Holly Hinman