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Tired of doing the same old teen programs year after year? Looking for new ideas to freshen up your teen offerings and stir up some enthusiasm? Maybe you're new to teen services. Or maybe you're wondering how to take a good teen program and make it a great one! If you are a public or school librarian, or a paraprofessional responsible for young adult programming, this workshop will help you strengthen and broaden your teen programming and outreach repertoire. Come learn how you can use a well-thought out program plan and marketing strategy to help you meet your goals for maximizing teen participation and creating life-long library users!

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop will increase your overall understanding of the importance of teen programming and the benefits of youth participation in the planning process, as well as providing a wealth of new program ideas that are both meaningful and fun. Through individual and small group exercises, you will work on a programming policy and plan for your own library, learn how to forge new community partners for outreach and collaboration, and discover new funding sources for teen programming. The instructor will provide sample programs, planning checklists, and evaluation tools; policy examples; ideas for outreach; and a bibliography of useful resources, as well as practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Laying the Groundwork: The Foundations of Programming
    • Definitions of programs and outreach
    • No dogs allowed: barriers to successful programming
    • Youth participation - is it necessary?
    • Developing a programming policy
  • Teens in the House: Programs for Young Adults
    • Getting ideas
    • Planning checklist
    • Single events
    • Special and themed events
    • Ongoing and series programming
  • Beyond the Walls: Outreach
    • Ideas and examples
    • Partnering in the community
  • Funding and Sharing Resources
    • Identifying funding resources
    • Cutting costs
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Know your target audience
    • Using media and technology
    • Make it or break it - displays
  • Evaluation
    • Why evaluate?
    • Quantitative versus qualitative Sample tools

Workshop Instructor: Kelley Worman