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Are you finding it hard to keep on top of web resources for children as the web continues to evolve at what seems like hyper-speed?

Do you know where and how to quickly find high-quality information and resources which are developmentally appropriate? Are you confident searching across a broad spectrum of media formats for children?

  • Do you know where to find great audio, video, maps, photos and images, and printables?
  • Are you up to speed with Web 2.0 technologies and sites popular with kids which you could be using to enhance your department's services and aid your clientele?
  • What about copyright issues and Internet safety?

Are you familiar with evolving reader's advisory web resources for youth and how to use them effectively?

It can seem like a lot to keep up with...Don't you just wish you had a quiet day to focus on this and get back up to speed? Well, now you do!

After this workshop you will be back up to speed and familiar with the ins and outs of the top five search engines/directories for kids, the top 10 K-12 online resources for information and homework help, five top reader's advisory resources for children to help them find that perfect book to read next, and five of the top Web 2.0 sites and technologies you can be utilizing in your library to help your clientele as they search for information online.

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop will provide attendees with hands-on experience with top search engines/directories for youth, top K-12 online informational resources, top reader's advisory sites, and Web 2.0 sites and technologies. Through individual and group exercises, attendees will learn how to effectively utilize these resources and tools. They will also leave with a wealth of practical information about online resources for youth which they will be able to put to immediate use in their libraries.

The instructor will provide extensive handouts providing an overview of each web resource profiled detailing its strengths, weaknesses, comparisons to similar online tools, and practical tips for effective utilization which can be applied immediately. Additionally, the instructor will provide handouts on the following: site evaluation guidelines, youth and Internet safety, what you and your kids should know about copyright, new media and youth: how the coming generations search for information, a glossary of new media terms, and an extensive webliography about online media tools for youth.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Search Engines/Directories for Youth
    • Overview, comparison, strengths & weaknesses, effective utilization
    • Hands-on search exercises
  • K-12 Online Resources for Information & Homework Help
    • Overview of resources according to subject areas and age level
    • Search exercises and comparisons
    • Copyright issues and citing sources
  • Web 2.0 and Youth
    • Web 2.0 Technologies and Sites for Youth
    • New media and multimedia search exercises
    • Potential risks and internet safety
    • Build five quick 2.0 library applications for your library
  • Online Reader's Advisory Tools and Resources for Youth
    • Overview and comparison of tools and resources
    • Hands-on search exercises

Workshop Instructor: Bonnie Peirce