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  • Are you finding the challenge of leading a team to be more challenging than you thought?
  • Are you troubled with unwanted team member behaviors and attitudes?
  • Are some team members acting more like "Lone Rangers" than you'd like them too?
  • Do you believe that your teams could be more productive and efficient?
  • Have they done better in the past? Is the quality of work not what it used to be?

This workshop will answer many of the questions you have about successfully leading teams while dispelling myths and other bad information you have received from others. Like many other facets of leadership, leading your team members requires you to have a plan or model to follow and to know the appropriate steps to take. That's just one way this workshop can help you!

Take this mini-assessment and determine if this workshop can help you to become a better leader of your teams:

  • Do you feel like you are struggling as a leader of a team?
  • Are you looking for a model of teams to lead your people with?
  • Do you need help with "communicating effectively" to your team members?
  • Would you like to be able to empower the team members to manage themselves effectively?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions, then this workshop will help you to lead more productive and efficient teams in your workplace...without feeling like a babysitter, care taker or dictator.

Workshop Description: This fun and interactive workshop will include the use of both individual and group exercises; a Daily Interactions assessment, video based learning, group discussions and lecture. Attendees will learn and incorporate a model of team development that can be applied immediately in their workplace.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • The Path to Excellence: Understanding How Teams Work
    • Understanding the difference between a work team and a group
    • Focusing on the 4 traits of successful teams
    • Understanding the characteristics of effective teams
    • Team myths: Overcoming what other people have told you is the truth about team behaviors and function
  • Leading Team and Team Member Roles and Behaviors
    • Using a behavioral profile to help team members understand themselves and each other better
    • Understanding the two primary roles that team members assume at work
    • Using the 6 step method for effectively communicating and sharing information with team members
  • Building the Foundation of Your Team
    • Using team values to help team members make effective decisions and to determine appropriate team member behaviors
    • Mission statements: 3 things you must do in creating your team's mission statement
    • Decision making: The best methods for making decisions as a team
    • Goal setting with your team: What you need to know to set SMART goals
  • Leading by Facilitating Your Team's Success!
    • Techniques to create a culture of collaboration in your teams
    • The 5 levels of teams: What to expect as your team matures and grows
    • Conflict and your team: Getting rid of the bad and making the most out of your situations of healthy conflict
    • Making the most out of your team meetings: A short list for leading meetings that you will begin using immediately

Workshop Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck