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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to get their ideas taken seriously, even if they are not in positions of power? What does it take to become visible and gain your leaders' acceptance and respect? And how do you disagree with leaders without putting the brakes on your career?

Whether you work in the largest library systems or in the smallest library, this workshop is for you want to:

  • Increase your personal power
  • Build your credibility with leaders in your library
  • Effectively communicate with your library's leaders, from your own supervisor to the Library Director
  • Raise and discuss difficult issues in a way that makes you part of the solution-not the problem

At the conclusion of this workshop you will have the skills you need to tap into your personal power and use it effectively, and the confidence to communicate your ideas and opinions in a way that your library's leaders can hear them.

Workshop Description: : In this all-day workshop you will explore useful techniques for building the credibility, trust, and relationships that will help your work get noticed. Through individual and group exercises you will identify your own sources of power and develop strategies for using it to support the library's goals. You will also complete a personal action plan to help you apply the practical, useful tips for stepping up and speaking up to help your library-and its leaders-move forward.

Pre-workshop assignment: You'll want to prepare for this course by identifying the leader(s) on whom you want to focus. When you think about communicating 'up', how far 'up' are you thinking about? Do you want to improve communication with the Library Director, senior leaders, your own supervisor, or someone else? You will not be asked to provide names, but you will want to have someone, or some level of the organization, in mind.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • The Leader-Follower Relationship
    • Types and sources of power
    • Follower styles and their impact on your effectiveness
  • Building Your Personal Credibility
    • Self-management and initiative
    • Respecting and changing the organization's culture
  • Building Trust and Relationships with Leaders
    • Using advocacy and inquiry
    • How and when to break the rules, especially when dealing with bureaucracy
  • Having (and Surviving) Difficult Conversations with Leaders
    • Speaking truth to power-how and when to challenge leaders without risking it all

Workshop Instructor: Gail Griffith