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While other web pages have taken on a new look, your site looks outdated and doesn't manage its space effectively. You want to give it a little dazzle while keeping it user-friendly. With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you can have pixel-level control without learning complicated programming. CSS can help you to create a template for all your pages to follow. You can easily try on different styles and colors, then change them back in a moment. Your content can stay the same, but look much better with an improved layout. Learning CSS requires the same tools you use to write HTML: a text editor and a browser. This workshop will teach the basics of CSS, some intermediate tricks and tips, and the best websites to further your knowledge.

Workshop Description: This is an all-day, hands-on training session. Through individual and group exercises, you will become familiar with CSS and how it can enhance ordinary web pages in conjunction with HTML. The instructor will provide cheat sheets, a webliography, as well as practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • CSS vs. HTML alone
    • Definitions and appearance
    • Galleries
  • Beginning CSS
    • Planning
    • Boxes
    • Colors and fonts
  • Texts and Links
    • Alignment
    • Decoration
  • Grouping Elements
    • Span and div
    • Padding and margins
    • Borders

Workshop Instructor: Lisa Bartle