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  • Would you like to improve your library's user experience?
  • Wondering how the Experience Economy applies to you?
  • Wish you could wave a magic wand and upgrade your facilities?

Attend the Experienceology workshop to learn a straightforward process that re-frames your library from the user's point of view. Experienceology takes a library visit and breaks it into 8 sequential steps, allowing you to analyze all aspects of your experience and prioritize changes.

While you may not be able to wave that magic wand, many changes are common sense and inexpensive and can be implemented as soon as you return to work.

This fast-paced workshop provides hundreds of examples from a variety of businesses around the world. You'll be able to improve your user's satisfaction, increase their desire to return, and receive better word-of-mouth advertising in your community-all while improving your own work environment and job satisfaction.

Workshop Description: This lively full-day hands-on workshop will provide you with an 8-step process you can use to analyze your own library's user experience. Throughout the day you'll work on an individual progressive exercise, applying each of the 8 steps to your own library. In the afternoon you'll work in small groups to analyze the host library's experience and then debrief it together. The instructor will provide worksheets, handouts, and a reading list/webliography. Examples from a variety of experience-based businesses as well as great libraries will be featured throughout the day.

Pre-workshop assignment: : Please send me one photograph that you think describes a great visitor, user, or customer experience. It can be a photograph of something you have enjoyed as a visitor or a customer. It does not have to be from a library; it could be from a museum, garden, restaurant, retail space, theme park, zoo, etc. Please include a brief email with your photograph. I look forward to working with you all!

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Preliminary Course Outline

  • Introduction to Experience-Based Businesses
    • Defining visitor experience
    • Increase in competition
  • 8 Steps to Great Experiences
    • Step 1: Invitation
    • Step 2: Welcome
    • Step 3: Orientation
    • Step 4: Comfort
    • Step 5: Communication
    • Step 6: Sensation
    • Step 7: Common Sense
    • Step 8: Finale
  • Practical Exercise
    • Analyze the host library
    • Debrief
    • Conclusion

Workshop Instructor: Stephanie Weaver