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  • Have you been considering "Moving into Management"?
  • How do you know if you are ready?
  • What problems do new managers encounter and how do you deal with them?

A significant trend in today's library environment is the imminent retirement of library baby boomer managers. More and more openings will be occurring in all types of libraries. There are opportunities for advancement in all types of libraries and for library support staff as well as librarians with master's degrees. This workshop will help you assess yourself and your readiness and willingness to make this important career move. You will learn practical tips and tricks to aid your advancement.

Workshop Description: This all day workshop will provide you with information and exercises to help you to complete a self assessment to determine your competencies, confidence, and commitment for moving into library management; discover key roles of a library manager and tips about successful management, and think about your own career goals and if management is one of them. By the end of the workshop you will have a better idea about your own career goals, your desire to accept management responsibility, and first steps to take in your new position.

The workshop will be a combination of short presentations, individual and group exercises, and group discussion. Accompanying the workshop will be relevant handouts, a webliography, and a PowerPoint presentation of key points.

Pre-workshop assignment: Pre-workshop assignment information will be emailed to those registered.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • So You Want to Be a Manager
    • Why do you want to be a manager?
    • What changes when you become a manager?
    • What does "management" mean?
    • Pros and cons of Management
    • Your personal competencies for management - a self-assessment
  • What Is Effective Management?
    • Six key roles of a manager
  • Tips on Being a Good Manager
    • Four key tips
    • Reporting successes
    • Rookie mistakes
  • What's in Your Future?
    • Barriers you will face in becoming a manager
    • Career goals
    • New skills to learn

Workshop Instructor: Nancy Bolt