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Infopeople is taking the equipment from the extremely popular Maze of Technology at the 2007 CLA Conference on the road to five rural training locations. The equipment will be the centerpiece of a one-day workshop taught by Cheryl Gould. In this workshop, library staff will:

  • Become comfortable with the names and operation of the current technology that are included in the Maze collection
  • Have the opportunity to actually use at least three items from the collection
  • Learn how to discuss games and game platforms including PS2, Wii, DDR, Guitar Hero, and Brain Age
  • Receive resources to consider for starting a game collection
  • Learn to use a Flip video camera
  • Learn how to create an audio recording
  • Come away with at least three ideas for how to use podcasts and three ideas for ways to use video at the library for either customer service or customer engagement
  • Come away with at least three ideas for library programming that includes some of the technologies in the Maze collection

Workshop Instructor: Cheryl Gould