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Podcasting is one of today's fastest growing social computing applications. Both amateur broadcasters and major media corporations have embraced audio and video podcasts as a means of distributing information and entertainment.

  • What can this emerging technology do for libraries?
  • Is it really possible to create podcasts that are relevant to library users and will attract an audience?

Come explore podcasting and learn how libraries are using podcasts and videocasts for outreach and instruction. The instructor will provide a variety of case studies as well as tips on what types of content work best for different types of libraries. Gain hands-on experience in making podcasts and videocasts by producing content live during the workshop!

Workshop Description: This is an all-day, hands-on training session. Through individual and group exercises, you will become familiar with audio and video podcasting and how they can be used for library instruction, promotion, and outreach. Detailed information on what to consider when planning for and implementing podcasting at your library will be provided along with an up-close and personal look at a variety of creation tools. Participants will gain practical skills in the creation of podcasts that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Introduction to Podcasting and Videocasting
    • Definitions and background
    • Discovering podcasts and videocasts
    • Podcasts and videocasts for librarians
  • Podcasting and Videocasting in Libraries
    • How are libraries using podcasts?
    • Planning your podcasting project
    • Tips on quality content
  • Creating Podcasts and Videocasts
    • Hardware and software needs
    • Technical details of recording and editing
    • Group audio and video recording
    • Individual audio editing exercise
    • Video editing demonstration
    • Uploading podcasts to the web
  • Wrap Up
    • Q&A
    • Where to learn more

Workshop Instructor: Cheryl Gould