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Effective leaders know how to encourage others to willingly, even enthusiastically, support their ideas and initiatives. No matter what your job responsibilities may be, the ability to establish rapport quickly, communicate your ideas successfully, and convince others to have confidence in you will decrease your frustration and enable you to achieve your goals.

  • Have you ever gotten stuck trying to make progress with an unpopular project or an uncooperative team?
  • Do you know how to react when co-workers or managers resist positive changes?
  • In these tough budget times, will you have to justify a staff position, project, service initiative, or large expenditure to your supervisor, director, or board?
  • Do you know how to get other people to do what you need even though you're not their supervisor?
  • Do you sometimes become frustrated when you expect others to agree with you, but find that they are arguing against you instead?

This workshop is designed to provide realistic strategies for handling any work encounter in which you want others to help you, agree with you, or support your decisions. It will strengthen your confidence by improving your ability to lead, to cultivate win-win solutions to problems, to negotiate effectively when necessary, and to implement change with less resistance from others.

Workshop Description: This all-day, interactive workshop will provide a synthesis of current thought on how to influence people. Through individual and group exercises, discussions, and analysis of examples from motion pictures, you will come to understand the principles of ethical persuasion. You will discover what works and what doesn't work when you encounter workplace negativity or lack of enthusiasm. In addition, you will learn verbal and nonverbal communication strategies to help you to become a more motivational leader. The dynamic instructor will provide helpful handouts with examples to implement a variety of proven strategies, plus simple techniques that will save you time and frustration. You will come away with practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately and an up-to-date bibliography of books and web sites that includes the best thinking of today's persuasion experts.

Pre-workshop assignment: Prior to attending the workshop, participants are asked to notice situations in which they need to influence the behaviors or attitudes of others and also times when they feel that they are "having their arms twisted" or are otherwise being influenced or persuaded to adopt a point of view or to take action by others. Please come prepared to discuss these situations.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Influence and Persuasion - The Basics
    • 16 tried and true influence tactics.
    • Ethics of influence and persuasion.
    • Using appreciation to generate and spread positive influence.
  • Persuasion and Resistance to Change
    • Types of resistance.
    • How to deal with resistance.
    • 9 laws of persuasion.
    • How to think and act "win-win."
    • Verbal communication - inspirational, powerful words that influence others.
  • Positive Techniques to Influence Others
    • Influence through expressing gratitude.
    • Generating voluntary compliance.
    • Active listening techniques.
    • Nonverbal communication and persuasion.
  • Presenting Key Points to Convince
    • Powerful presentation techniques.
    • 4 elements of a persuasive case.
    • Strategic considerations for persuasion.

Workshop Instructor: Marie Radford