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Most librarians advance their careers by knowing a good deal about how to deliver library services, manage staff, and get along well with library boards, friends, and other groups. What they tend not to know is how to work on a public library budget. This course is intended to demystify library budgeting and to provide answers to financial questions such as

  • Where does the money for my library come from?
  • How should I budget "new" money for a grant project?
  • Would we save money if we contracted out custodial services?
  • What is CIP?
  • How can we possibly expand services if we're required to cut the budget by 2%?

This practical workshop will provide an excellent introduction to hands-on budgeting for anyone who needs to know more about public library financial planning and decision-making.

Workshop Description: This all day workshop will use discussion and interactive exercises to train students in the skills of evaluating budget elements, strategies for budget cutting, analyzing privatization and outsourcing proposals, and putting together a budget for a project, department, or library.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Creating a Public Library Budget: What's in it and how did it get there?
    • Personnel
    • Flexible and inflexible expenses
    • Analyzing and asking questions
  • Revenues Sources
  • Cutting the Library Budget
  • Privatization and Outsourcing
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Evaluating proposals
  • Putting Together a Budget for a Project, Department, or Library

Workshop Instructor: Anne Turner