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  • Is your building bursting at the seams, but your budget isn't?
  • Is your furniture paying homage to the 1960s or 70s?
  • Would you like to merchandise your collections a little more?
  • Would you like your library to be a little "greener"?
  • Can't afford a consultant to help with a remodel?

Shrinking dollars have put a new library facility out of reach for many of us, making low cost remodels a great option. But a low cost remodel involves most of the tasks of planning a new library from selecting materials to planning a realistic budget and schedule. In this practical workshop participants will learn how to sequence events and how to keep a handle on their budget while incorporating some of the latest trends in signage, materials and finishes. This workshop will provide the skills, tips, and tools necessary to plan and manage a low cost remodel project.

Workshop Description: This all day on-ground workshop will provide a combination of hands-on, discussion, and presentation. Participants will do simple space planning calculations, use an architectural scale, evaluate various materials, prepare a renovation schedule, and navigate priority-setting decisions. Small groups will work together to evaluate a floor plan and present a recommendation for a remodel strategy. The instructor will provide images of successful (and not) renovations, case studies, and tools for evaluating the success of a project.

Participants will learn to do basic space planning and measure scaled floor plans, to evaluate options and trade offs in a renovation, simple strategies for a greener building, how to phase renovations which include carpet and shelving, new trends in signage and basic merchandising techniques on a limited budget.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Getting Started Without a Consultant
    • Why remodel?
    • Evaluating options
    • Space planning simplified
    • Measuring plans and testing options
  • Finding Space
    • Collections
    • Staff space
  • Trends and Special Topics
    • Finish treatments
    • Quick fixes
    • Inexpensive signage fixes
    • Merchandising
    • Sustainability: simple green strategies
    • Service desks on a budget
  • Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty
    • Schedule
    • Budget
    • Post project evaluation
  • Group Project
    • Teamwork
    • Decision making
    • Presentation

Workshop Instructor: Linda Demmers