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Since 1998, the Federal E-Rate program has provided funding for helping libraries to fund improvements in their telecommunications and Internet access capabilities. In recent years the E-Rate process has become more complicated and only about half of the eligible California Public Libraries participate in the program.

  • Is your library taking full advantage of the E-Rate program?
  • How does your situation compare with other public libraries in California and how could you improve E-Rate funding performance?
  • Would you like to understand the requirements and payback of E-Rate?
  • Did you know that E-Rate and CTF (California Teleconnect Fund) can work together to provide maximum financial benefits to your library?

Workshop Description: Whether you are completely new or a seasoned veteran of the E-rate program, this full-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools to get the funding your public library is entitled to with a minimum of geek speak. By the end of the day you will have started filling out many sections of your 2011 E-Rate application and you will have a plan to collect the information you need to complete the rest.

Preliminary Course Outline

  • Morning session – application process
    • Technology planning and budgets
    • CIPA for Libraries
    • E-Rate Application preparation
    • Discounts, priorities and eligibility
    • Funding years and the annual cycle
    • 'Ask for the Money' – Application Forms
      • 470 (Description of Services Requested)
      • 471 (Services Ordered)
      • Item 21's (Detailed Description of Services)
  • Afternoon session – acceptance and implementation
    • 'Answer Their Questions' - PIA (Program Integrity Assurance) Review
    • 'Get the Money' – Application Forms
      • 486 (Acceptance)
      • 472 (Reimbursement)
    • 'Tell Them About Changes' – Application Forms
      • 500 (Adjustments to Funding)
    • BEARs (Billed Entity Application for Reimbursement) vs Discounts
    • Deadline Extensions, substitutions and vendor changes
    • Record keeping, appeals and audits
    • What's new for 2011

Workshop Instructor: Don Dietrich