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For questions regarding Infopeople workshop registration questions, cancellations, changes or password problems, please contact [email protected] or call (805) 769-4107. For online course support and troubleshooting contact Tess Wilson at [email protected].  For all other questions, please refer to the list below or use the contact form.

The mailing address for general inquiries is: 330 Townsend St, Suite 133, San Francisco CA 94107. Use this address if paying for online learning by check.

Linda Hofschire, Training Coordinator

[email protected]
About: Recruitment of trainers and presenters, online instructional design, identification of training needs and topics, special projects, contract workshops

Tess Wilson, Learning Experience Coordinator

[email protected]
About: Online course support

Christian DeLay, Web Content Manager

[email protected]
About: Infopeople website questions, Infopeople webinar questions, online course support

Mary Augugliaro, Webinar Coordinator

[email protected]
About: Planning and scheduling of, and development of materials for, webinars

Veronda Pitchford, Assistant Director, Califa Group

ph: (415) 829-7046
[email protected]
About: Manages Infopeople, the training arm of the Califa Group

Marci Haghnia, Califa Group

ph: (415) 655-3781
[email protected]
330 Townsend St, Suite 133, San Francisco CA 94107
About: Any billing questions or problems