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For questions regarding Infopeople workshop registration questions, cancellations, and changes, please contact Gini Ambrosino at [email protected]. For online course support and troubleshooting contact Nancy Nerenberg at [email protected].  For all other questions, please refer to the list below or use the contact form. The mailing address for general inquiries is: 330 Townsend St, Suite 133, San Francisco CA 94107.

 Gini Ambrosino, Project Assistant

ph: (916) 690-6595
[email protected]
About: Contract workshops, change of email address, fax number, staff contact, mailing address, telephone number, training registration questions, cancellations, and changes, billing questions, password issues

Nancy Nerenberg, Online Learning Technical Support

ph: (541) 301-8022
[email protected]
About: Online course support, problems with Moodle course software

Eileen O'Shea, Web Manager

ph: (562) 276-0938
[email protected]
About: Infopeople website questions, Infopeople webinar questions, online course support

Brenda Hough, Instructional Designer

(785) 865-6916
[email protected]
About: Instructional design questions relating to online courses.

Mary Augugliaro, Webinar Coordinator

ph: (562) 818-2666
[email protected]
About: Planning and scheduling of, and development of materials for, webinars

Veronda Pitchford, Assistant Director, Califa Group, Training Coordinator (interim)

ph: (415) 829-7046
[email protected]
About: Recruitment of trainers and presenters, online instructional design, identification of training needs and topics, special projects

Marci Haghnia, Califa Group

ph: (415) 655-3781
[email protected]
330 Townsend St, Suite 133, San Francisco CA 94107
About: Any billing questions or problems.