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Infopeople is part of the Califa Group, a nonprofit consortium of more than 230 libraries committed to unleashing the impact of libraries. Infopeople provides library staff quality continuing education opportunities that are tailored to library needs and developed by experienced library professionals. Training formats include 2-6 week asynchronous online courses, as well as free one-hour webinars.

The Infopeople model provides a breadth of training topics and a depth of training expertise greater than any single library or library agency, no matter how large, could provide. Infopeople training is open to all members of the library community - academic, public, school, and special.

Infopeople Training:

  • Is tailored to libraries' needs
  • Is developed and presented by experienced library professionals
  • Offers exercises based on actual library situations
  • Accommodates varying levels of expertise
  • Offers post-training assistance from instructors

Infopeople offers many training events each year on a wide variety of topics, utilizing subject experts as instructors and presenters. 

Course fees range from $150 to $250. See individual course descriptions for more information. Webinars (live and archived) are free.

If you have additional questions about Infopeople, please see our staff contact page.