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Sharpen your professional skills by taking Infopeople training! Infopeople training is open to all members of the library community - academic, public, school, and special.

Infopeople Training:

  • Is tailored to libraries' needs
  • Is developed and presented by experienced library professionals
  • Offers hands-on exercises based on actual library situations
  • Supplies high-quality custom handout materials
  • Accommodates varying levels of expertise
  • Provides individual workstations for computer-based instruction
  • Offers post-workshop assistance from instructors

More information about Infopeople

  • History of Infopeople: 60,000 BC to the Present - PPT (535kb) - PDF (436kb) -- People often ask, "So, how did Infopeople get started anyway?" This PowerPoint prepared for the Public Library Directors Forum, May 19, 2006, is one version.
  • Staff Contacts -- Information about Infopeople staff and consultants.
  • Training Announcement List -- Join this announcement list to stay in touch with what's new in training, and other Infopeople events.