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The latest word(s) on healthcare insurance

There are six more weeks for Californians to enroll in the healthcare insurance marketplace during this initial open enrollment period. Now seems a good checkup time for public libraries to evaluate how well we have provided information and technology access to this Affordable Care Act program.


3D printing: replication or innovation @ your library?

Yesterday I sat down with a colleague who works at a public library where there is a Central Library construction project well underway. In her role as the Emerging Technologies Manager she's attending both to current community needs and library resources and the steep planning toward features of the new facilities and services on the horizon. She's been amassing and working with staff around 3D printing equipment, of course.


Reach out to community-based experts

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to learn from an organization that has a lot to teach California public library staff about their comunities. While HealthyCity primarily focuses on public health related matters concerning communities who are frequently untapped as information resources (and underserved by bureaucracies), both their tools and methodologies have much to offer us as information facilitators.


Remembering to question what you know

Over the course of 2013, I read about a gross of books (probably equally distributed among the platforms of published paper, yet-to-be-published paper galley, ebook [both Kindle and iBook], and with my ears). It was a relatively light reading year for me and I even had several opportunities to make selections based on purely personal grounds (It's the "purely" in there that is unusual for me).



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