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Nifty tools for your cell phone!

As the law regarding hands-free cell phone use gets closer to going into effect (July 1), I thought I'd highlight a couple of tools that I enjoy. These can be of use to you and/or your users, and will keep you from doing dangerous things like texting while driving.


ScreenCasting is a Cool Tool

I frequently find out about new and exciting training tools both from Infopeople and the Continuing Library Education Network & Exchange Round Table (CLENE) of the American Library Association. In June 2007, I read a wonderful blog entry, A Quick Intro to ScreenCasting by Steve Garwood in CE Buzz, CLENE's blog. Steve describes how he used Camtasia software to record a PowerPoint presentation he did on ScreenCasting as he spoke.


Telephone tip

GOOG411 is great for saving money when you need phone numbers and/or addresses. You just call 1-800-GOOG-411 (free) instead of 411 (usually $1.50 and up per call). Especially useful for cellphone users. I programed the number in my phone and named it "info." Check out their video on it -- funny. Another free service from Google.

from Lifehacker's Top 10 Telephone Tricks


Learning Languages Online

If you know people who want to learn a new language or Spanish or Polish speakers who want help learning English, check out Mango.
You must have Flash installed to use the lessons and register for a free account. At this time, there is no cost for unlimited use of all of the lessons.


File sharing with Pando

I just discovered this new (to me) tool today. It's a peer to peer file sharing tool called Pando. If you have ever had to send, or wanted to share with folks, really big media files (pics, movies, etc) and couldn't do it via email, then Pando is worth a look. It compresses your file (or folder) into a tiny .pando file that you can then email or share via IM. You and your recipient need the free Pando app to compress or open the files. Pando works with both Macs and PCs. Cool!


Infopeople Task Group Using Web 2.0 Tool

Four Infopeople staff, fondly referred to as "peeps," (Eileen, Gail, Gini and Linda) have been using a FREE, easy-to-use and very practical Web 2.0 online "to do" shared list service, Ta-da Lists.
You can use the website to:
• make one list to keep track of things you personally need to get done
• make multiple lists you can share with other people (co-workers, friends, family)
• subscribe to your lists in RSS


Personal reminder service for library users

If your library is a Polaris PowerPac (v3.2 or later) or a Dynix library system (Classic or Horizon - excluding Java-based Dynix WebPAC) and hasn't yet signed up for Elf, an Internet-based tool your users can use for keeping track of what's due, overdue and ready for pickup for one or more library accounts, take a look at the demo.



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