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Cool Search Engine

Check out Omnipelagos, a search engine that "finds the shortest paths between any two things."
It reminds me of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon trivia game in which you tried to connect Kevin Bacon and any other actor through films or television shows the two worked on using no more than six steps.
Omnipelagos lets you enter two names or concepts and then connects the two. Here's a preset example I saw when I visited.


Handy software for your customers who use Mac OSX

Mac OS X users can keep track of library books using Library Books by Harold Chu. Not only does the program connect to multiple library catalogs, download lists of books checked out at each and display them in the menu bar, but also can automatically add entries to iCal as a reminder to return or renew them. Users can also sync a Palm handheld or mobile and be reminded while on the move.


Browser safe fonts

The Typetester is an online tool that can be pretty useful when you need to check on or choose a typeface for your web project. It allows you to compare fonts for the browser screen. JavaScript needs to be on to use this application.


Web safe colors

If you've ever wondered what colors are safe on all browsers for your website, take a look at 4096 Color Wheel. Just move your mouse over the wheel to get the web safe colors and over the square for the hues.



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