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Search Results Read to You

A couple of related web tools of benefit to people with vision problems you should know about and that should be on disability resources lists. Speegle reads search results and Speakwire reads from a selectable list of newsfeeds that includes the San Jose Mercury News. In Speegle, you have a choice of English or American accents. Male Voice #1 has an English accent and #2 and Female Voice have American accents.


Library Thing

If you're not only a librarian at work, but at home too, check out Library Thing. You can create an online catalog of your books using LC Classification. The first 200 items are free. After that it's $10 for a lifetime membership. Can't beat that!


Brainstorming Tools

If you are stuck for a way to solve a problem, check out Idea Generation Methods, a comprehensive list of idea generation methods from Martin Leith, a consultant based in the UK who designs, plans and manages collaborative meetings. One of my favorites is Backward Mapping in which you imagine that the future has arrived and the problem has been solved or the outcome has been achieved and then you look back at the significant steps you took to arrive there.


Really cool tool (and free!)

Lori Ayre wrote extensively about the Web developer extension over at Mentat, but I wanted to emphasize that it's a tool anyone interested in the user-friendliness of their website should be using. It installs as a toolbar in Firefox or Mozilla browsers and lets you, with a click of a drop-down menu, validate your site's coding against the usability standards.


Is the blogosphere talking about you,

or your library? Or any other topic of current interest? I put "infopeople" into Intelliseek's BlogPulse and came up with links to several dozen blog posts mentioning us. Check it out with your library's name or any other topic as long as it's no more than three words. Really cool feature -- you can subscribe to an RSS feed of your search.



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