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Who's Your Elvis!

In its LifeEtc. section, the January & February 2007 issue of AARP Magazine featured Who’s Your Elvis?
Take a look and see if you agree with their pick for your age group's musical demigod.
If you are... Your Elvis is...
90+ Rudy Vallee
80-89 Bing Crosby
70-79 Frank Sinatra
60-69 Elvis Presley
50-59 The Beatles
40-49 Led Zeppelin
30-39 Madonna
20-29 Kurt Cobain
10-19 Beyonce


Holiday nonsense

It's the holiday season, and hopefully everyone is gearing up for some time off. To help put you in the spirit I offer you the Elfamorphosis, from OfficeMax of all places. You can upload a picture of yourself or someone you know (or just someone you want to turn into an elf), and a minute or two later you have an elfamorphosis. You can also call a toll free number and record a brief greeting that your elf sself will say as it does the happy elf dance.


Fundraising Idea

Although it was written last November, I just ran across this interesting San Jose Mercury News story -- Selective enforcement of poker rules hurts library.

Say you've got a good cause, like the children's story-telling section at the Almaden library. Say you've got a supporter, like the Almaden Business Association. And say you have a good way to make $8,000 or $10,000, playing on a national craze by holding a Texas hold 'em tournament. . . .



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