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Twitter in proper English

Do you tweet, or do you twitter?  The new edition of the AP Stylebook may help. Its says the "...verb forms are to Twitter or to Tweet." So either way is okay. Phew! Other new entries: the Middle Eastern eggplant dish baba ghanoush and texting as a verb.

Appropriately, you can follow the AP Stylebook on Twitter.


Video from CLA 2006

A nice little video tour of the CLA 2006 conference has been posted to Google Video. Check it out here! Our technology petting zoo & booth area is featured, along with special appearances by assorted Peeps. Thanks to Bernadette Swanson from UC Davis for the link! Check out more info from the conference on the CLA Blog.



The winners of the drawing at the Infopeople booth at the CLA 2006 annual conference were:

Saturday -- Grace Francisco, Oceanside PL
Sunday -- Seng Lovan, Danville Library, Contra Costa County

Congratulations! Each will receive a Creative Zen V MP3 player.


Website redesign!

infopeople todayPhew! After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, Infopeople is officially unveiling its all new website! This is the biggest redesign we've EVER done, and features an all-new workshop registration program. You can create and save your profile in the new system, and here's what's extra neat: you can see a historical record of all the courses you've taken with us! Pretty cool!



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