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Infopeople produces original podcasts from George and Joan (George Needham and Joan Frye Williams), Michaal Cart, and other presenters. Topics range from book and graphic novel reviews to the future of libraries.

Spanish Language Outreach Progress Report

This is a podcast of the August 1, 2006 Progress and Support conference call for the Spanish Language Outreach particpants in California. The special "guest speaker" was Al Milo, Director of the Fullerton Public Library. Al provided strategies for responding to people who question or object to the library having materials in Spanish or providing special Spanish language programming. He also talked about current issues and activities of Reforma. There was an additional question and answer period as well.


Michael Cart on "The Best American Fiction"

The New York Times Book Review published a list of the best American fiction since 1980 recently (May 21, 2006). In his latest podcast, Michael Cart looks at what they chose, how they chose them, what the works have in common - and what they left out.
Can't wait to find out? The big winner was Toni Morrison's Beloved.



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