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Infopeople produces original podcasts from George and Joan (George Needham and Joan Frye Williams), Michaal Cart, and other presenters. Topics range from book and graphic novel reviews to the future of libraries.

Weeding to Achieve a Healthier Collection

Weeding is a necessary—and, for some, a worrisome collection maintenance task. What to keep? What to weed? Where to start? And how can weeding happen in a library without its users wondering why materials are being withdrawn? In fact, weeding can be the answer to stimulating circulation, and weeding is a requirement for keeping your collection vigorous and useful.


Religious Issues in Libraries

Last year the Supreme Court ruled that some Ten Commandments displays on government property are not constitutional, while other Ten Commandments displays are permissible. What does this mean for your library? Is it OK to put up a Christmas tree? A Menorah? Can you allow religious use of your meeting rooms and display areas? Should you allow staff to talk about church or religion to coworkers?



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