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Infopeople produces original podcasts from George and Joan (George Needham and Joan Frye Williams), Michaal Cart, and other presenters. Topics range from book and graphic novel reviews to the future of libraries.

Michael Cart on "What Will Happen to Books?"

Check out the inital podcast from Michael Cart on libraries, books, and publishing. Former director of the Beverly Hills Public Library and currently a "Booklist" magazine columnist and reviewer, Cart is also the author/editor of a dozen books and,for fifteen years, hosted the nationally syndicated television author interview program "In Print." His weekly podcasts for Infopeople will cover the whole range of activity, trends, and important new titles in publishing for all ages.


Podcasting wiki

After all the trial and error I've gone through getting started with podcasting, I decided it would make sense to share this information, and maybe build a resource that others could use (why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?). So, I have started a wiki on podcasting. Right now it's pretty minimal, just quick links to some handy stuff that I have found and use(d). Check it out here, and help it grow!


RFID podcast

Mary Minow over at LibraryLaw brought this podcast to our attention. Download it to your computer or your Mp3 player to catch up on the good and the bad of RFID.



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