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It Made Me Laugh

For those of you who don't know, I live in Berkeley and used to work at the BPL until I left to go with Infopeople. I love my library and am so proud of them for this foray into our multimedia and interactive world. It's imbedded in the BPL website but I think you should go directly to Berkeley Public Library, An Intimate Portrait on YouTube so you can see the comments folks have left. It's a simple little video giving some useful information about the library... but... it's funny!!!


Fundraising Idea

Although it was written last November, I just ran across this interesting San Jose Mercury News story -- Selective enforcement of poker rules hurts library.

Say you've got a good cause, like the children's story-telling section at the Almaden library. Say you've got a supporter, like the Almaden Business Association. And say you have a good way to make $8,000 or $10,000, playing on a national craze by holding a Texas hold 'em tournament. . . .


Stories Beyond Words

Marylaine Block opens her current ExLibris article "Tell Me a Story" with

I'm not sure there's any impulse more basic in human nature than
storytelling. It's how we define who we are and make sense of the world
around us. Libraries have always been a repository of those stories.
Offering people a chance to tell their stories may be one of the most
significant gifts we can offer our community.



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