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'Tis the season

It's the holiday season; there's a chill in the air, endless versions of White Christmas are being played on the radio 24/7 - so it must be time to elf yourself (if the servers aren't down)! Office Max's Elf Yourself ad campaign began in 2006, and from Thanksgiving to Christmas, 40 million people 'elfed' themselves! This year they've added Scrooge Yourself (wich I don't think is as fun as the elf thing but your mileage may vary).


How do you see the twirling figure?

I mostly see it as clockwise but can reverse it if I think about. I think this 'indicates' I'm right-brain dominant. I've tried it on a couple of friends and one, who is more often left-brained in terms of the functions listed in the article, saw the figure moving counter-clockwise. Take the Right Brain vs Left Brain test and be sure to scroll down and read the comments section.


If you want to save a tree or two...

The mail-order catalogs really are out of hand and here's a website that can help you save a few trees. Doing a bit for the environment in this case is free, other than logging on to Catalog Choice and entering the catalogs you want to not get. An example for me -- last year some friends gave me a Wine Country gift basket, and ever since Wine Country has been sending me these catalogs. No more.



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