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Who's Your Elvis!

In its LifeEtc. section, the January & February 2007 issue of AARP Magazine featured Who’s Your Elvis?
Take a look and see if you agree with their pick for your age group's musical demigod.
If you are... Your Elvis is...
90+ Rudy Vallee
80-89 Bing Crosby
70-79 Frank Sinatra
60-69 Elvis Presley
50-59 The Beatles
40-49 Led Zeppelin
30-39 Madonna
20-29 Kurt Cobain
10-19 Beyonce


A Roaring Collaboration

A Roraring CollaborationThe California Library Association held its annual conference this past weekend in Sacramento. Infopeople, along with the California State Library's other LSTA-funded state projects were there, and we all shared a joint booth area that we called, "A Roaring Collaboration." It was a blast!


Tuesday share!

This has no importance or value in the larger scheme of things, but it is a lot of fun. Go to and click on the ! in the Yahoo! logo and listen to the yodel. Keep clicking on it and you can listen over and over again until you and/or all of the people around you go crazy. How great is that?!?


Michael Cart on "The Best American Fiction"

The New York Times Book Review published a list of the best American fiction since 1980 recently (May 21, 2006). In his latest podcast, Michael Cart looks at what they chose, how they chose them, what the works have in common - and what they left out.
Can't wait to find out? The big winner was Toni Morrison's Beloved.



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