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No huge relevance to reference or libraries, but a super-high geewhiz factor! An incredible piece of video fro Google Video: First Main in Space. In 1960 Joe Kittinger jumped from a balloon 30 kilometers up to test the effects of high altitude on humans. And he took a video camera with him!
A tip o' the hat to NPR's Mixed Signals for the link.


Spiffing up PowerPoint

PowerPoint is something of a staple here at Infopeople. We use it in most of our on-ground workshops, and in our webcasts, and even sometimes in our online courses. It's been around a long time, actually. Version 1.0 dates back to 1987 (and was created for the Mac!). Nowadays it has a super slick wizard and a handy library of templates that makes it extremely easy for anybody to build a presentation in no time flat. but let's face it: PowerPoint is called PowerPoint for a reason - it reduces everything to talking points.


For Do-it-yourself Enthusiasts

Have you discovered the unusual offerings from Make Magazine and blog yet?
MAKE Magazine bills itself as "the first magazine devoted entirely to DIY technology projects." The audience MAKE aims at is "a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements and garages."
Phillip Torrone, Make Blog Dude and Natalie Zee, Crafts Chica, provide "the most up to date happenings in the Maker and Crafts world" at the blog.



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