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IMLS Leadership Grants Out!

There are great ideas and projects out there in libraryland and this annual listing of the Leadership Grantees from the IMLS is a must read for library directors and others who want to know some of the fascinating resources being developed in the library world.



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One of the trends featured in the August issue was LIFE CACHING, described as “Consumers are collecting, storing and displaying their entire lives, for personal use, or for friends and family, even the entire world to peruse.” The suppliers, called “necessary enablers” mentioned included Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, and Samsung.


Best of the Weblogs

The Bloggies are publicly chosen annual awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs. A weblog is defined as a page with dated entries. The awards were first given in 2001. The award for best overall weblog for 2005 went to Boing Boing.


Fun with words

At Double-Tongued Word Wrester you can find a potpourri of archaic, new, or hybrid words. One of my favorites is rocket surgery, defined as “a task requiring intelligence or higher education” and derived from a blending of rocket science and brain surgery.



images.jpgAn additional cool site for the 4th of July: Lady Liberty Fireworks! If you want a really big finale, just click a bunch of times. Almost as good as a live show! Oh, and be sure to turn your speakers up for the full efffect.



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