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Let the Timid Play!

Infopeople’s Technology Petting Zoo addresses curiosity that can be expressed in groups who are given the opportunity to play with new means of working and communicating. It’s a kind of planned play date for staff as well as for the interested community in the contracting library’s location. Play dates are a great way to regulate information flow. Sometimes, however, it’s the spontaneous play moment that can reach the individual.


Ages and Stages of Readers' Advisory

Infopeople regularly offers courses in developing and conducting readers' advisory services targeting adults. Each time this online course is announced there are questions from potential registrants about whether the course is suitable for those performing advisory work with children and/or teens.


[email protected] Springs: Learning at the Speed of Light

I have always been amazed by the amount of learning which quickly occurs in a one-day Infopeople workshop, a four-session Infopeople online course, or even a one-hour Infopeople webinar. And I’ve been equally fascinated by how much can be absorbed through an 18-minute TED (Technology, Education, Design) talk.



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