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If you haven't seen Shmoogle yet, check it out. It runs a search in Google and presents the results in a completely random order. The creator states the purpose of the tool is to show that while all results are retrievable, it doesn't mean that they're visible.


Google News to rank by quality

BetaNews reports that Google News intends to begin ranking news stories by quality and credibility using a new patentable technology. In order to determine "quality and credibility," Google will consider size of the organization, story length, number of citations, and web traffic into the site.


Do Libraries Still Matter?

Daniel Akst has written a thoughtful article for the Carnegie Corporation entitled "Do Libraries Still Matter?" The article discusses the history of American libraries (including Carnegie's role), libraries in the modern age, and technology's impact on libraries. Definite healthy reading for any librarian trying to serve his or her patrons better, and for library managers trying to re-animate the role of the library in their community.


"Blogs We Write" and Infopeople

We have received a number of emails complaining about or commenting on content in some of the blogs that are linked in the left sidebar in the category "Blogs We Write." The blogs linked in that category are personal blogs written by Infopeople consultants or trainers. Infopeople is not responsible for the content of those blogs, and any opinions expressed in the blogs are those of the individuals who write them, not of Infopeople. Anyone wishing to comment on the content of any of the "Blogs We Write" should send comments to the individual who maintains the blog, not to Infopeople.



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