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Changing the Unchangeable

I have been following an interesting series of blog entries regarding change, innovation, libraries, and Web 2.0 (among other things). It started with a very interesting post by David Lee King. One of the big points he makes is that in the face of intractable management, innovative techie-type librarians will flee for greener pastures. He does a good job of stating the problem and challenges all of us to come up with solutions. His key questions:


Library 2.0 Ning

Library 2.0 Ning is my favorite social network because it promotes serendipitous searching among people who have the same profession as well as an interest in web 2.0 in common.
I invite you to join this group of intriguing people from all over the world and add me to your friends list; see my profile.


Personal reminder service for library users

If your library is a Polaris PowerPac (v3.2 or later) or a Dynix library system (Classic or Horizon - excluding Java-based Dynix WebPAC) and hasn't yet signed up for Elf, an Internet-based tool your users can use for keeping track of what's due, overdue and ready for pickup for one or more library accounts, take a look at the demo.



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