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Browser safe fonts

The Typetester is an online tool that can be pretty useful when you need to check on or choose a typeface for your web project. It allows you to compare fonts for the browser screen. JavaScript needs to be on to use this application.


Web safe colors

If you've ever wondered what colors are safe on all browsers for your website, take a look at 4096 Color Wheel. Just move your mouse over the wheel to get the web safe colors and over the square for the hues.


Really cool tool (and free!)

Lori Ayre wrote extensively about the Web developer extension over at Mentat, but I wanted to emphasize that it's a tool anyone interested in the user-friendliness of their website should be using. It installs as a toolbar in Firefox or Mozilla browsers and lets you, with a click of a drop-down menu, validate your site's coding against the usability standards.



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