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Google's news your staff needs to know

Many library staff members who work directly with the public continue to have less than timely understanding of how the World Wide Web is used and can be used, how search engines function, and the roles of software and browser settings in their own and their library computer users' searching and search results.


Google versus Bing: taste testing search engines

I have been pondering & exploring for a while now the differences between Bing and Google. I'm so used to using Google that it's hard to stop down and really give Bing a shot. But now that Bing is officially going to power Yahoo! and is the number two most used search engine (sorry, decision engine) it behooves us all to get familiar with its ins and outs.


Cool Search Engine

Check out Omnipelagos, a search engine that "finds the shortest paths between any two things."
It reminds me of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon trivia game in which you tried to connect Kevin Bacon and any other actor through films or television shows the two worked on using no more than six steps.
Omnipelagos lets you enter two names or concepts and then connects the two. Here's a preset example I saw when I visited.


Cheating doesn't pay

BMW's web folks in Germany created countless "doorway pages" linking to their site to increase their search rank for a search in Google for "used car." Google figured out what they were doing, and so long to BMW's ranking. BMW's German site has now been given a search rank of zero. You might be able to fool the searchers, but you can't fool least, not this time.


Cool movie keyword search feature

From one of my favorite blogs, ResearchBuzz!, I found out about a new feature from the Internet Movie Database—Movie Keywords Analyzer (MoKA).
You can find titles that have a particular keyword and get a tally of all keywords from the titles that matched your initial keyword set.
I searched "tomatoes" because I was thinking of the funny sci fi parody I saw years ago and these are the matches I got. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! was among them.



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