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Questioning Paradigms

Yesterday Forbes published the first of a proposed two-part examination of the Big-6 book publisher/library contretemps around digital book files as collection offerings.


Continuing George & Joan's Conversation

George & Joan just finished presenting a very thought-provoking webinar on Libraries in a Post-Print World (the archive is available now). There waas more chat than any of us could keep up with during the webinar. We've added a link to a transcript of the text chat for those who would like to read through it. But we also think that there is more than enough content for a follow-up something. Another webinar? An online course?


Looking at the world of ebooks and libraries

Stephen Abram has written a good post that looks at the world of ebook readers (KIndles and iPads) and academic libraries. The jury is till way out on what ebooks really mean for libraries (academic or public), and in today's economic climate it's not something most libraries can invest in, but it's still worth reading what the early adopters think of the new devices, just to stay current.

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