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So, you've finally heard enough about blogs and want to find some that are useful when searching for information? Check this one out for a good reference collection of weblogs. The IPL special collection on Blogs links to good information about blogs and their use, and then provides a directory of useful blogs divided by their topic area. Since this is the Internet Public Library, they've "tried to use the Sears List of Subject Headings to categorize the blogs -- hence, subject headings like Travel, Voyages and Travels Blogs."



A day late, but as the topic is Zen that's okay, right?
Take a little time to experience Zen.*
*If the fly distracts you is it Zen to click?


Soylent green are people!

Google has a new tool in beta (is it me, or is pretty much everything in Google beta now?): Google movies! Wow, what a coincidence, with the Academy Awards less than a week away! Okay, probably no coincidence. ANYway, all you do is add the operator movies: to a search for a line from a movie, the name of an actor, director, film, or just bits of stuff that happened in a film, say, "treasure and bandits and walter huston" (or the title of this post) and off you go!


How do YOU spell email?

Here at Infopeople, a debate raged quietly for a while about how to spell the word "email." Some folks wanted to spell it "e-mail" (with the hyphen), while the lazier peeps (that would include yours truly) preferred leaving the hyphen out. Finally Carole Leita put her foot down and created a stylesheet for us all to use (and for the most part we cooperate, except for the occasional odd slip - sorry Carole!).



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