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Libraries of the future online?

A new initiative was announced today that will make the pages of millions of books and journals available via Google. Material from the New York Public Library as well as libraries at four universities - Harvard, Stanford, Michigan and Oxford - will be indexed. So far only Michigan and Stanford have volunteered their entire collections for scanning. Read more...


Google Suggest

Google has a new service in Beta: Google Suggest. From their description of the new service:

This new web search service suggests queries as a user types what he or she is looking for into the search box. By offering more refined searches up front, Google Suggest can make searching more convenient and efficient, because it eliminates the need to type the entire text of a query. In addition, the service can connect users with new query suggestions that are useful, intriguing, and fun.


Terrific new scholarship how-to guide's mission statement:

The goal of this website is to educate students about scholarship access and the necessary requirements for achieving maximum financial aid. In addition, we provide our information free of charge to help students avoid scholarship scam artists and misleading authors who promise "secrets" to what is essentially publicly available information.


Webcast Season Underway!

In case you missed it, webcast season is well underway at Infopeople.
There have been three webcasts so far and there are several more scheduled. For more on that, stay tuned to /training/webcasts.
In the Now Archived Category, there have been three stunning presentations!
Mary Minow started us off with Privacy Libraries and the Law in which she answers these mystifying questions:


Yahoo! Images Search

Yahoo! has expanded its image collection to 1 billion images (vs. 880 million that Google claims). Why am I telling your this? Because you should remember to try Yahoo's if your habitual Google Images search doesn't find exactly what you want.


Holiday stress reliever

It's that time of year again. Our mailboxes are overflowing with catalogs, there's a Christmas tree lot on every corner, and if you're like us, you're already contemplating how you are going to fit gift shopping and holiday planning into a too busy schedule. Well, here's a handy dandy stress reliever. Bookmark the site and come back whenever you're feeling overwhelmed: virtual bubblewrap!



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