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Conference Feedback

We talked to literally hundreds of people during the three days of this year's CLA Conference, and we're curious to know what you thought of the Infopeople/State Library/Other State Projects booth space. What worked for you and what didn't work? We are turning on the comments function of the blog so that you can let us know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance for your input.


Carole's Progress

Carole Leita is home again after her hip replacement surgery last Friday. Doctors described her as a "model patient" (we knew she would be) and were so pleased with her progress that they sent her home yesterday. She is walking (with a walker), her pain is under control, and she is in excellent spirits.


'Til Next Year...

claend.jpgThis was the last day of CLA. Things wrapped up at noon, but in the morning, Infopeople had another busy schedule of demos, and a last rush of visitors to the booth. We gave away the last of the Infopeople rocks (that makes them collectors' items now!), then packed up and headed for our various homes.


The Home Stretch

Day three at CLA, and another full day of demo sessions at the Infopeople booth area. Everyone is pretty pooped at this point and looking forward to heading home tomorrow. But it's been a lot of fun! Here are some images of today, for a flavor of all the happenings.


Live from San Jose, it's Saturday Night!

cowearlyam.jpgAnd this Infopeep should be in bed asleep, but noooo...instead the ever faithful web manager is slaving away over a hot computer doing another late night update from CLA. It was quite the busy day, starting bright and early meeting up with the Rural Initiative folks to help them with their great conference idea: cow bookmarks!


Day One @ CLA

claday1.jpgIt was setup day at CLA. All us Infopeople were busy opening boxes, setting up booths and in general preparing for opening day tomorrow. There's a busy demo schedule planned, so things should be hopping. Here are some photos of the day's events.


Extreme Googling Goes Online

On October 13, we announced that we had to postpone future on-ground sessions of "Extreme Googling" because Joe Barker was experiencing back problems. That was the bad news. Now, the good news is that Joe has developed two online courses that cover the same material, and those courses are now open for registration.



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