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Free for a week

Starting today, M-W Online is offering a week's free preview of Merriam-Webster Unabridged. In addition to the Dictionary, there's access to a selection of additional Merriam-Webster references, word games, and other special features.



Ever seen this great text editor that Genny Engel of Sonoma County Library turned me on to? It's AceText which is a great tool for anyone who uses word processing or email.
Using AceText, you can save text clips (up to 10,000) and then define the paste order for multiple clips. You can search all or some of your text clips. Clips can be reused easily in e-mails and documents using customizable shortcuts.


Cat Fanciers Take Note!

Due to a complete lack of industriousness on our part, there was no Infopeople Friday funny last Friday. Not that there weren't funny things out there. We're sure there were plenty. We just couldn't find them ;-( After much exhausting trolling around the web we found a pretty good one for this week.


Register now for ESL Collection Building!

In the United States today, more and more people come from somewhere else. Educated or illiterate, looking for a job as an unskilled laborer or hoping to get into graduate school, these newcomers all have one thing in common: they need to learn the English language and to become familiar with American culture and customs. And where do they go to find help? To libraries, which are now finding themselves on the front lines of the English as a Second Language issue. This full-day workshop will help you understand the special needs of adult second language learners.


E-Books Update

Infopeople is pleased to announce our next webcast, E-Books Update. Sarah Houghton will deliver the E-Books Update webcast on November 30, 2004, starting at noon. There is no charge for viewing the webcast. Geared toward those who want to know what's new in the e-book world, this webcast will cover the latest information about types of e-books, different modes of delivery, the most popular formats, and the hot topic of Digital Rights Management.



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