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Library Chat Service

[email protected] has excellent instructions on how to download the free software and get your own screen name for the chat services AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Microsoft Messenger. From the public library that was first on the web in the U.S (second to Helsinki in the world) - St. Joseph County Public Library (South Bend, IN). They have pioneered several web-related services through the years. They are now pioneering live chat as a reference service.


Brand New Google Tool: Google Desktop Search

If you're like most librarians, Google has become one of your essential tools of the trade. And now Google has expanded its search capabilities to our desktops! Google Desktop Search installs just about as quickly as the Google Toolbar does (another tool I've found essential). You download the application, it indexes what's on your hard drive, in your e-mail, searches you've run, webpage history, instant messages, etc.


Dog Haikus

We were wracking our brains trying to come up with a Friday Funny for today, and were about to resort to cheesy jokes, when suddenly we remembered a very funny set of haikus sent to us a while back. We offer them up now for your enjoyment: Dog Haikus! Some samples:


Chat a way to reach kids


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